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Social Media Marketing Packages

Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media marketing is a buzz word that confuses a lot of people. The following are some frequently asked questions about Brandetize and social media marketing companies in general.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Company Do?

A social media marketing agency does marketing on social media. Such marketing agencies plan, curate, distribute, advertise, and link content on social media. Whether it be advertising on Facebook or running video ads on YouTube, a social media marketing agency analyzes and implements strategies that work well.

In short, at Brandetize, we do analysis, content creation, distribution, and social media advertising based on your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing differs based on the platform you are looking to advertise. Facebook ad campaigns are going to be different than Instagram ad campaigns. Similarly, advertising on YouTube is going to be slightly different than advertising on Snapchat.

So, we can categorize social media marketing concerning the platform. The main platforms are:

  • Marking on social sites. For instance, Facebook
  • Photo sharing platforms. For instance, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook
  • Microblogs like Twitter and Tumblr

All of these platforms demand different advertising strategies to produce results.

Should I hire a Social Media Marketing Company or a Marketer?

A social media marketing company enjoys several advantages over a solo marketer. These advantages translate into better ad campaigns that drive engagement, which in turn lead to more revenue for your business.

Some of the most prominent benefits of choosing a marketing company over a marketer include:

  • The ability to test several different ideas in a short amount of time. Running successful ad campaigns is all about testing what works and then going all-in with a successful idea. But figuring out what works takes trial and error. Marketers donít have the resources to create, test, and implement new ads in a matter of weeks.
  • Everything you need under one roof. A marketing company has top of the line social media marketing packages. These packages include everything from content curation to link building. In other words, unlike working with marketers, you donít have to hunt down experts.
  • Utmost flexibility. With years of experience and a workforce that consists of industry experts, a social media marketing company is flexible. Whether it be a simple change of plans or a thorough rewrite of business goals, a marketing company can adapt its process to your needs.

All in all, working with an advertising company is a no-brainer considering the value proposition on offer.

Why is it Important For a Company to Identify Social Media Marketing Goals?

Social media marketing is a necessity in todayís world. Brands need to engage their customer base and they need a streamlined communication channel. Both of these things can be achieved by maintaining an active social media presence.

So, the sooner your brand can identify social media marketing goals the better it is for developing customer trust and loyalty.

At Brandetize, we have worked with brands from every walk of life. From lifestyle brands to health and fitness professionals, our experience and insights have helped businesses meet their goals.

If you are looking for a Facebook advertising company in San Diego, CA, contact Brandetize for a free consultation and digital audit:

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