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Atlanta Search Engine Optimization

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization

Today, there is no shortage of Atlanta search engine optimization companies. In a way, this is good for consumers because more companies in the industry drives down prices for consumers as every SEO is competing for your business. Still, in an over-saturated marketplace that is known for being sketchy, it can be incredibly difficult to find a reliable SEO company to work with.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Atlanta SEO Company

Choosing the right or wrong SEO company can and most likely will be the difference between success or failure for your search engine optimization campaign. If that's not enough, choosing the wrong SEO vendor can impact your life in more ways than you may care to imagine, from losing your money to having your website penalized and even being sued. No exaggeration! BizBuzz Digital cannot overstate the importance of choosing the right SEO company at the outset of your SEO campaign.

What are the Worst-Case Scenarios if My SEO Fails?

If your SEO fails because your SEO vendor used black hat SEO techniques and or broke the law, then you might have your website penalized. SEOs often use black hat SEO strategies to deliver instant results to their instanta gratification-seeking clients. However, it's usually just a matter of time before the search engines figure it out (black hat SEO is forbidden by the search engines), and then your website is penalized - it gets dropped from the search results. This means that, even if you were ranking #1 for certain keywords, your web pages will no longer be found on the search engines. For severe violations, this penalty can be permanent!

Even worse (although much rarer), you could end up being sued and still have your website penalized to boot. Let's say you hire an Atlanta search engine optimization company that plagiarizes content, slanders someone else, or steals their intellectual property; that company or individual is going to come after you, and there are strong laws against this kind of behavior. In fact, these "behaviors" are considered crimes! It will be on you to prove that your SEO vendor did it without your knowledge. Even then, you will still likely be found to be culpable.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Now, let's say you hire an SEO company like BizBuzz Digital that does things by the book. If yours is a new website and or you're not currently ranking for any keywords, you can expect around six to nine months before you start to see a large spike in traffic to your website from your SEO efforts. Shortly after that (usually about a year after you being your SEO campaign), the search engines will begin to trust your web pages and rank them for your keywords, at which point you can begin targeting moderately difficult keywords.

For websites that are already established and are ranking for keywords, you can expect about six months until you reach your final position in the search engines results pages.

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